Abrasive Blasting

WCT provides industrial abrasive blasting for various different purposes including surface preparation for coatings, abrasive blast cleaning for inspection, and coating removal. With the ability to use different types of blast media depending on the intended purpose.

Types of Blast Media:

  • Abrasive blasting with mineral abrasives such as Starblast XL, Green Diamond, Black Beauty, Garnet, and others.
  • Abrasive blasting with organic material such as glass bead and corn cob.
  • Abrasive blasting with Steel abrasives such as Steel shot and Steel Grit.

WCT supplies field abrasive blasting services as well as shop services at our Whitecourt location’s enclosed 40’ x 100’ blast bay (4,000 ft2).

Automated Blast Machines

WCT uses automated abrasive blasting machines for efficient and effective surface preparation. Our automated blasting machines are mobile units that provide surface preparation using a wheelabrator style mechanism and are able to operate on horizontal or vertical work fronts, particularly effective on tank floors and tank exteriors. These machines provide surface preparation and coating removal in a way that is cost effective, time-saving, environmental, safe, and simplifies coordination of inter-related tasks.

  • 99.5% media blast retrieval and recovery
  • Reduces freight costs associated with mobilizing materials to the worksite
  • Reduces dust on-site
  • Inter-related tasks such as inspection can be performed while in operation
  • Wheelabrator reduces or eliminates the need for energized blast hoses
  • Reduces on-site labour exposure hours compared to traditional blasting methods

Projects that include this technology will have the majority of the substrate prepared by the automated blast machines and then edges or tie-in areas will be completed using traditional abrasive blasting methods.

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